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Fitness Nutrition Fit-Chair


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This patented balance ball and ergonomic chair provide healthy, proactive sitting, while improving posture, reducing fatigue & building your core strength. We spend hours every day sitting on chairs, whether we're at the office or sitting at home.

However, the human body wasn't designed for sitting in these chairs. Many ergonomic chairs claim to hold the body upright, but only for a short period of time. Shortly after, the posture muscles tire, causing the body to slump and slouch as the spine twists out of alignment.

Eventually, the muscles weaken, ultimately leading to back pain and potential back injury. The Fitness Ball Chair helps in relieving stress and strain on the spine and aids in eliminating repetitive motion injuries. It also helps reduce, neck, back and shoulder pain.

The Fitness Ball Chair is a made up of two components:

  • High-quality burst-resistant ball and a movable base. Your postural muscles begin to work by simply sitting on the ball and adjusting your body to the bounce, sway and tilt of the ball. The constant adjustments your body makes while sitting on the chair helps build and strengthen your core muscles.

  • The Fitness Ball Chair is a must for any person with lower back problems, and for all individuals in an office environment.


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