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Fitness Nutrition Grip Pro Trainer Grip Ring 30 lb.
Fitness Nutrition Grip Pro Trainer Grip Ring 40 lb.
Fitness Nutrition Grip Pro Trainer Grip Ring 50 lb.

Grip Ring

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The importance of grip strength is greatly underappreciated. It affects your abilities and skills in many hobbies, daily activities, and your performance in most sports. The Grip Rings are an extremely effective solution to build grip strength, improve hand motor skills and increase circulation.

These high-quality grips are designed with different colour-coded resistance levels, so that you can train your grip similar to training any other body part; by changing resistance. They are portable, easy to use and are ideal for developing strength and stamina safely and effectively while reducing stress at the same time. The shape of the grip is therapeutic, comfortable and easy to use. It is recommended for users of all fitness levels.

Easy to use

A close look at the Grip Ring. The grip rings are the perfect portable solution for training grip, hand and finger strength. Simply place the ring in the palm of your hand with your fingers closed tightly around the ring. Then squeeze, hold and repeat!


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