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HiTrainer ATP commercial
HiTrainer ATP
HiTrainer ATP chest pads

HiTrainer ATP

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Trainers, and their clients, appreciate HiTrainer ATP versatility now all sprint and conditioning training can be performed on one super-effective machine.

Fast and efficient, ATP strength conditioning provides a unique selection of short, challenging interval training and sprint protocols. An ideal station to introduce HIIT (high-intensity interval training), the ATP model is also the perfect anchor for a cross-conditioning circuit or athletic-training program. Instant ATP performance feedback motivates users to realize their potential while promoting healthy competition in the facility.

Performance monitor

Direct performance feedback provides motivation. Each ATP model includes a range of pre-programmed high-intensity interval training and high-intensity sprint programs.

Ergonomically designed chest pads

Designed by ergonomic specialists at UQAM, the ATP chest pads adjust to fit comfortably on all body types, both men and women.

Resistance loaded carpet

The self-propelled running surface features variable resistance from sub-normal (lighter than real running) for over-speed training and up to 80-pounds resistance for heavy-duty training.

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