Series 2 (10-15% Color) Sports Rubber roll


Series 1: This is the Standard Sport Rubber roll with 10-15% color in the roll.


How does ordering work ?

  • All purchases start with the minimum roll dimensions: 4'(wide) x 15'(long). You then add length until your desired dimension. 
  • Choose the Length that you want (start at 15')
  • The width never change (4')

    Basic Rolls  are the “original” composition rubber fitness floor.this durable surface sets the standard for performance, quality, and affordability.


    • Only available with a minimum order of 60ft²
    • Every rolls start at 4' x 15'= 60ft² and you add length after. 
    • Every rolls can be perfectly cut in 1'x1' tiles.
    • if you want a longer length than the options shown, please contact us.


    Production and Shipping:

    • Please Allow us +/- 3 weeks for the production and shipping of the rolls. They are all custom made in the U.S with top quality rubber.


    Why ?

    • 8mm thick 
    • Protects and insulates your floor
    • Shock absorbent
    • Durable
    • Affordable
    • Easily maintained

     Heavy Weight Impact Sound Level (dBA):

    1. 16lb shot (40" drop height): 87 
    2. 35lb Kettlebell (18" drop height): 93