MR100 Recumbent Lower Body Ergometer


Typical applications for this product are:

  • Patient warm up before physical therapy session

  • Have the patient pedal to improve range of motion after knee / hip / ankle surgery

  • Allow patients to perform cardiovascular exercise

Unique uses for the Spirit MR100:

  • Adjustable crank allows patients to pedal in smaller range of knee motion, from 15 degrees to full range.

  • Symmetry program measures balance between left and right pedal stroke. Graphical Bio-feedback display motivates patients to maintain even power symmetry between left and right legs.

Other features of the MR100:

  • Work range up to 750 watts (60 rpm) when level settings are at 15 watts per level

  • Indexed seat positioning accommodates users from 4' 10" to 6' 7"

  • Heart Rate monitoring using the hand grips or optional heart rate chest-strap.

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