MS300 Recumbent Total Body Stepper


Typical applications for this product are:

  • Patient warm up before physical therapy session

  • Have the patient pedal to improve range of motion after knee / hip / ankle / shoulder or wrist surgery.

  • Allow patients to perform cardiovascular exercise

Unique uses for the Spirit MS300:

  • Self adjustable step length allows patients to pedal in smaller range of knee motion, from 5 degrees to full range.

  • Arms are linked with a 1 to 1 ratio to the foot pedals for ease of coordination. Arms can also be used alone without stepping with feet.

  • Symmetry program measures balance between left and right pedal and/or arm stroke.

  • Graphical Bio-feedback display motivates patients to maintain even power symmetry between left and right legs. If measuring arms only the graph and power readings will be reversed.

Other features of the MS300:

  • Work range up to 750 watts.

  • Indexed seat positioning accommodates users from 4' 10" to 6' 7"

  • Heart Rate monitoring using the hand grips or optional heart rate chest-strap.

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