Commercial Gym Mats Installation #3

Commercial Gym Mats Installation #3

Gym Floor Makeover: Our Anti-Shock and Anti-Noise Mats are Game Changers!

In these examples they are several different gyms with some different choices of anti-shock and anti-noise mats.


1.Soundproofing anti-shock mat either 1" or 2.5" thick in the shape of a 2x2 tile.

These are very high quality tiles used to cut shock and noise when weights are thrown to the ground. If you don't want ANY noise and no vibration below your floor or at home, these are the tiles you need! They are also very easy to install.



2. Roll carpet with 8mm thickness to absorb moderate noise and vibration.

More complex to install than 2x2 tiles, this type of mat is ideal as a mat in a small gym, training area or even next to a swimming pool.



All our carpets have no odor, are guaranteed plus we offer the installation at a very low price.

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