Condo Gym #16

Condo Gym #16

Stronger Together: Our Gym Design with Innovative User-Weighted Equipment!

Transforming an empty space into a well-equipped gym is always a challenge, but our team rose to the occasion with this latest project. Using the latest equipment that uses the weight of the user, we have created a spacious gym that maximizes the available area while providing top-of-the-line gear for an unparalleled workout experience.

From start to finish, our team delivered and installed everything, so you can focus on your fitness goals without any hassle.

Some of the equipment are:

  • TRX system PRO4
  • Dumbbells set
  • Inspire BL1 bodyweight functional trainer.
  • Total Gym bodyweight machines:
    • Shoulder press trainer
    • Pull-up trainer
    • Leg trainer
  • Vision R60 Recumbent Bike

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