Corporate Office Gym #8

Corporate Office Gym #8

Corporate Fitness, Simplified: How We Designed and Installed a Complete Gym Package

This is one of our Corporate Office Gym that we designed, created and installed. We did a complete turnkey project

Some of the equipment are:

  • 1x Concept2 SkiERG
  • 1x Hoist CMJ6000-1 4 stations
  • 1x Hoist HD3400 Leg Curl/Ext
  • 1x Hoist RS1408 Prone Leg Curl
  • 1x Hoist Leg Press CF3355
  • 1x Element Smith Machine Commercial Pro
  • 1x Hoist Ab bench
  • 2x Hoist Commecial FID Bench
  • 1x XM GHD(Glute-Ham Machine)
  • 1x Hoist HD3800 Inner Thigh/Outer Thigh 
  • 1x Freemotion Powersquat Machine
  • 2x Freemotion T10.9b Treadmill
  • 2x Freemotion coachbike
  • 5-50 Urethane Dumbbells + Hoist Rack
  • Various accessories like a Box Jump, Drive Sled, Rubber Plates, etc.
  • Virgin Commercial Grade Rubber Mats 



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