Home Gym #7

Home Gym #7

Hoist and Shine: Our Gym Installation Featuring the Best in Fitness Equipment

This is one of our residential Gyms that has been customized from A to Z with the Hoist brand!

Some of the equipment are:

  • A multifunctional Mi7 pulley machine with a commercial quality smith machine, but also very often used and requested for residential gyms
  • A very compact RS-1403 Leg press with pre-installed weights
  • A Leg extension/Curl HD-3400 (2 in 1 that can be used in a commercial gym as well as in a residential one)
  • An RS-1101 machine used to make sitting dip with pre-installed weights!
  • Finally, there is a multi-position HD-5165 bench, a weight shaft, a rack and dumbbells to our customer's choice!  


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