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Fitness Nutrition Superband Extra Heavy Orange
Fitness Nutrition Superband Heavy Blue
Fitness Nutrition Superband Medium Green
Fitness Nutrition Superband Light Purple
Fitness Nutrition Superband Extra Light Red

SuperBand Resistance bands

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SuperBand are an incredible versatile tool for adding resistance to stretching, lifting, and bodyweight training exercises. A higher quality band does not exist. Ideal for assisted pull ups and dips. All bands are made of 100% natural latex through a continuous layering process to ensure long life. All bands are 41" in length and 3/16" thick.

Five different widths provide a range of resistance levels:

Red _" Wide

Primarily used for adding resistance to stretching exercises.

Purple 1 1/8" wide

Good choice as a general use band and a specifically for adding resistance to people under 140 pounds during walks, high knees, or sprints.

Green 1 _" wide

This band is also a good size for general use and for adding resistance to people from 140 to 200 pounds for body movements. Good choice for pull up training.

Blue 2 _" wide

For use getting started on training for bodyweight pull ups and adding resistance for elite athletes and people over 200 pounds. Also a good choice for adding increment weight to power lifts.

Orange 4" wide

Primarily used for adding weight to power lifts.


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