Xtreme Monkey

Blue Foam Yoga Block


Yoga Blocks are a staple item of the Yoga exercise system. Yoga Blocks can enhance your "asana" (Yoga pose) in three main ways:

    • Providing height for certain positions
    • Providing strong support for the back and neck while in supine positions
    • Providing a stable grounding for body extensions

Whether you're using multiple Yoga Blocks as cushioning for inversions or supporting your neck and back, you'll appreciate the solid construction of the high-grade foam block. Although the yoga blocks are rigid, there is enough give in the material to provide the comfort you need. For added comfort and safety, the block edges have a chamfered (angled) cut.

Our Yoga Blocks measure the standard 3" X 6" X 9". They're affordable enough to stock several for the multiple-block positions.