F.N.E Complete Smith Machine CS1

$3,499.99 $4,000.00
$3,499.99 $4,000.00 you save $500.01


This multi-functional gym equipment enables you to carry out exercises with multiple functions and directions to achieve endless diversity. it is the PERFECT smith machine to have in your home gym



  • Product Dimension: D 49 x W 79 x H 89inch
  • Box Dimension: L 83 X W 45 X H 30inch
  • Weight Stacks: 2x200 lbs. 
  • Aluminum Pulleys
  • Premium Platinum color
  • Pulley ratio: 2:1 for a perfect fluidity and longer cable travel
  • We use self-alignment linear bearing for the Smith Bar attachment AND NOT linear bearings
  • Counterbalanced smith bar
  • Weight plate holders integrated on the machine 
  • 3mm thick 11 gauge main frames
  • Multi-grip chin-up bar made with premium foam grip to last longer
  • Stainless steel smith bar for an enhanced aesthetics appearance and an oxidation resistance


Some Other Features That are Unique to the CS1:

gauge thickness 5mm smith machine  Stainless steel post 2mm smith machine Full solid stainless steel tube smith machine


Attachment List included in the box:

  • Long lat Bar
  • Biceps bar
  • Triceps rope
  • Pair of long Safety bar
  • Pair of J-hook
  • Landmine attachment
  • Pair of adjustable butterfly  handle
  • Squat attachment
  • Pair of add weight attachment
  • Pair multi-grip handle
  • Pair of dip attachment
  • Sit-up cushion
  • Exercise chart
  • Leg press attachment
  • Pair of lockjaw collar
  • Olympic plate storage
  • Bar holder
  • Attachment storage


The CS1 Functions:

  • It can act as a Full on Power Rack when using the front of the CS1
  • Functional Trainer with 2x200 lbs Pulleys that includes Lat pull-down and Low-row
  • Complete Smith Machine with a Counterbalanced Olympic bar
  • Leg press with the attachment that comes with the CS1
  • Multi-Grip Chin-up or Pull-up bar
  • Dip station with multi-grip
  • Suspension trainer (like TRX or any other resistance band) 
  • Landmine station for a multiple range of exercises (from the Core to the Shoulder)



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