F.N.E Dual Leg Extension/ Lying Leg Curl


The F.N.E Leg Extension/ Lying Leg Curl Combo Machine allows you to work your quadriceps and hamstrings on the same machine. The transition from one exercise to the other is done very easily by adjusting the arm lever. Everything else is adjustable so you can find the perfect length for adjustment.  



  • Extremally easy to adjust the lying leg curl and the sited leg extension 
  • Pre-stretch range adjuster on cam
  • Upright back to V-Bench seat adjuster 
  • Roller adjuster for different leg lengths 
  • Anatomically designed cam for smooth resistance
  • Multiple, convenient hold-down handgrips



  • 200 lb solid steel precision weight stack
  • 57” L x 36” W x 56” H, 488 lbs
  • Light commercial warranty included