Ironax XFT Functional Trainer



The Ironax XFT functional trainer is a versatile and efficient exercise equipment that can help you achieve your fitness goals. It combines the benefits of free weights with the stability and safety of machine-based exercises, making it ideal for strength training and rehabilitation.

With adjustable cable pulleys and various handle attachments, you can perform different exercises to target multiple muscle groups, including the upper body, lower body, and core.

Additionally, the Ironax XFT functional trainer features two 200lbs weight stacks that provide resistance, allowing you to gradually increase the difficulty of your workouts as you get stronger.

With the Ironax XFT functional trainer, you can improve your overall fitness, build muscle, and increase your flexibility and stability, all in one compact machine.

Turn your Functional trainer into a Half-Rack:



Depth: 41"
Width: 61"
Height: 83"
Assembled Weight: 675 lbs
Weight Stack: 2 x 200 lbs
Pulleys: Aluminum
Pull Ups: Variable Grip
Ratio: 2:1
Warranty: Lifetime on Frame, 1 year on parts (excluding cables, handles, and pulleys which are 90 days).


Get the most out of your functional trainer with options that you have never seen on a functional. Heavy Duty J Hooks, Safety Arms, Seated Row Foot Support & Lat Pulldown Seat.


The XFT columns allow for various cable machine exercises, such as rows, curls, tricep pushdowns, cable crossovers, and more. The 200LB weight stack, divided into 10 LB increments with a 2:1 ratio, can be adjusted to match your desired load. The single-handle pulley assembly comes with a 180-degree swivel and can be positioned high or low for different workouts.


The 2x2 11 gauge rail has 21 different height adjustment options, and the Nylon lining within the handle assembly prevents damage to the stainless slide tube while making it easy to adjust the swivel's height.The 11-gauge rail also allows for J-Hooks, Safety Arms, Lat Pulldown Seat & Low Row Foot Plate.


Aluminum pulleys with high quality infused bearings that allow for ultra smooth rotation and operation of all moving components.