IronMaster Crunch/Situp Attachment


Crunch Situp Att for Super Bench/PRO

Supercharge your core with the Ironmaster Crunch Situp Attachment for Super Bench/PRO. This is a highly sought-after piece of equipment for its versatility, allowing you to do abdominal workouts as well as decline presses. With this attachment, you can perform exercises in safe and comfortable positions and never struggle with getting in and out of difficult angles.


Adds variety to your workouts

Perform a variety of ab exercises including crunches and sit-ups with the Crunch Situp Attachment for Super Bench/PRO. Besides targeting your abdominal region, this equipment also lets you up the ante on your chest development by providing proper leg and knee support for doing decline presses.

  • Perform numerous abdominal exercises while your knees and legs anchor to the foam rollers for proper support.
  • Do crunches and sit-ups at different angles to increase the level of difficulty of your workouts.
  • Add an extra challenge to your bench presses by doing them in the decline position at various angles securely.


Lets you perform exercises safely and comfortably

Your safety and comfort are two things you should never worry about while you are working out and strengthening your core. With the Crunch Situp Attachment, you can recline on the Super Bench/Super Bench PRO without feeling any discomfort on your back or fear of falling off.

  • This add-on equipment locks you in place securely and makes it easy on your lower back by setting your knees in a slightly elevated position.
  • It enables you to get into the perfect position for powerful abdominal training sessions.
  • A grab handle is provided to help you position yourself onto the bench and assist you in returning to an upright position for easier dismounting even at difficult angles.


Compatible with both Ironmaster benches

The Crunch Situp Attachment for Super Bench/PRO is an excellent addition to your existing Ironmaster bench, whichever version it may be. It is easily attachable and provides several levels to suit users of any height.

  • This attachment is compatible with all Ironmaster bench models, both old and new.
  • It can easily be attached to the spine of your Super Bench using the pull pin to enable various positions for different user heights.
  • This is a chrome extension with black foam rollers to perfectly match your Super Bench.


Excellent and long-lasting piece of equipment

Like all Ironmaster products, the Crunch Situp Attachment for Super Bench/PRO is of superior construction and manufactured from high-quality materials. With this confidence, Ironmaster warrants the durability of this add-on accessory.

Please note that the Crunch Situp Attachment is only an add-on accessory; the Ironmaster Super Bench/PRO is sold separately.