Ironmaster Leg Attachment PRO


Leg Attachment PRO for Super Bench PRO

This attachment is only for the PRO bench, not the original Super Bench. It allows you to perform leg extensions and leg curl exercises. Very heavy duty design and construction with smooth bushing action, vinyl covered roller pads as standard and works with either Standard weight plates or Olympic plates with the included Olympic sleeve adapter.


Heavy-duty and powerful leg machine

The Leg Attachment PRO for Super Bench PRO is a powerful and exceptionally designed home gym equipment. Load rated to 200 lbs., it can hold standard weight plates as well as Olympic weight plates while allowing you to do your leg workouts smoothly.

  • With a weight load capacity of 200 lbs., this attachment for the Super Bench PRO enables you to work intensely on your quads and hamstrings.
  • An Olympic sleeve adapter is included in your purchase of the Leg Attachment PRO that enables it to hold both standard and Olympic weight plates.
  • Its axle has a heavy-duty bearing that facilitates smooth rotational movements for performing leg extensions and leg curls despite being loaded with large weights.

Versatile equipment with a user-friendly design

  • The included Olympic sleeve adapter enables it to work with Olympic sized plates, or Standard sized plates with a 1" hole on the solid chrome plate holder.
  • Extremely durable and protected by vinyl covers, the attachment's 4" x 7" foam roller pads can be adjusted in two positions to suit individuals with longer or shorter legs.
  • Whether you already own a set of standard weight plates or only have those of the Olympic variety, the Leg Attachment PRO lets you use either type with the included Olympic sleeve adapter.
  • Similarly, if you own a set of Ironmaster Quick-Lock Weight plates, you can load up to 100 lbs. on the Leg Attachment PRO's standard plate holder. (Quick-Lock Dumbbell Plates that came out before 2011 may not fit the plate holder due to the size of the center holes of the plates.)
  • This leg extension/leg curl attachment easily connects to the Super Bench PRO in a matter of seconds.



  • Before using the Leg Attachment PRO, the Super Bench PRO must be set to the 10-degree angle. This incline level offers ample floor clearance for leg extensions and positions you at a slight decline when lying down.
  • The Ironmaster Super Bench PRO and weight plates are sold separately.
  • This attachment is not compatible with the original Super Bench.