Ironmaster Preacher Curl Attachment


*Goes on the Ironmaster Superbench or Superbench Pro only*


Preacher Curl Pad for SB/PRO

We're here to preach the good news, and that is you can now start pumping your arms when you use your Super Bench or Super Bench Pro with the Ironmaster Preacher Curl Pad. This attachment is very effective in isolating your biceps. It is also adjustable to give you a personalized arm-blasting workout.


Preacher curls are a great exercise for building your arm muscles and creating definition because they target and isolate your biceps so well. The Ironmaster Preacher Curl Pad has been designed to enhance your comfort while you are doing this powerful arm exercise.

  • Measuring 12" high x 24" wide x 2" thick, this pad has adequate space for supporting your elbows and arms.
  • Made of high-quality padding to ensure your comfort during your intense arm workouts.
  • Designed to improve the isolation of your biceps to better target these specific arm muscles.


The Ironmaster Preacher Curl Pad is adjustable in three angles so you can modify your workout according to your desired position.

  • Adjust the angle of the pad by simply inserting the selector pin in one of the three holes.
  • You can also change the angle of your bench to an incline that you are most comfortable with.


Like our other products, the Ironmaster Preacher Curl Pad is designed to work with a variety of equipment for your convenience and bigger cost-savings.

  • This versatile attachment can be used with a cable machine, barbell or dumbbells.
  • It connects easily to your Super Bench/PRO. If you have the older discontinued Ironmaster machine benches, you can connect the Preacher Curl Pad to them as well. The recommended load capacity on the hooks is 120 lbs to keep your bench stable.
  • It also works well with the Ironmaster Dockable support on the Ironmaster Smith Machine or Ironmaster Cable Tower Attachment.



  • If you load a heavy amount of weight on the bar pegs, the bench may tip forward if no one is sitting on it. We recommend putting a loaded dumbbell or large weight plate on the rear end of the Super Bench pad to prevent this from happening.
  • The Ironmaster Super Bench/PRO is sold separately.