Powertec Leg Press (P-LP23)


Introducing the new 2020 Leg Press (P-LP19) with the same amazing capacity and a smaller footprint. Our redesigned Leg Press will come in a matted black finish with a reduced the footprint of almost 4 on each side, while maintaining the same stability to support up to 1000 lbs. of resistance. The Powertec Leg Press incorporates a revolutionary carriage system for the smooth weight training experience. The high tensile strength foot plate is driven by a roller system that incorporates bearing driven nylon reinforced wheels for the ultimate in stability and smoothness.


Our aim is to be able to accommodate a wide range of users height within a single machine. There are three lock settings on the Leg Press. We suggest measuring your inseam and checking it off against the different height settings below to see if you'd be able to achieve a full range of motion, whilst still having the safety aspect of the lock bars.

  • 1st setting: 32 inches 
  • 2nd setting: 39 inches
  • 3rd setting: 46 inches


  • Industry leading carriage roller system for smooth operation
    • Redesigned dual safety levers
      • Four weight horns with max total capacity of 1000 lbs
        • Large foot plate to provide wide spread support

          Dimension (L x W x H) (inches)

          • 79" x 36.6" x 54"