Powertec Workbench Leg Lift Accessory (WB-LLA23)




Quadriceps and hamstring training through precise motion and comfort” As one of the most popular Leg Extension and Leg Curl Accessories, the WB-LLA is designed to provide precise range of motion and comfort.

Image shown with optional Attachment Storage Rack (WB-ASR), which is sold separately.


Though it is only an attachment by definition; it adds a whole new exercise station to your existing work bench. You can check out the exercise matrix to see a wide variety of exercises this station has to offer. Powertec’s modular accessories are designed to fit all Powertec WORKBENCH models. All accessories are designed to provide a unique expansion of your gym functions at a very affordable price. Weights and Benches are not included with accessories.

Exercise Matrix

  • Leg Extension
  • Leg Curl
  • Crunch/Sit-up