Element Fitness

Element Pro Bands


PRO Bands are made for commercial applications. They are made of continuous looped 100% natural latex sheets. These sheets are fused together using multiple layers to create the required resistance.

This manufacturing process is much more elaborate but creates an ideal quality and much safer product. This layered method is much more resilient to snapping and injuring users.

PRO Bands are manufactured in Malaysia which hosts and manufacturers some of the best latex/rubber products in the world. If you are looking for the best in bands, look no further than PRO BANDS.

Fitness Applications:

Pull-Up & Dip Assistance

Pro Bands help you lift your own body weight. Just step into the band and let it assist you as you perform chin-ups and dips.

Cross Circuit Training

Increase strength, build muscle mass & burn fat by incorporating Pro Bands into your cross circuit training. Works upper/lower body, core & trunk.

Explosive Training

Increase your speed and agility. Use your Pro Bands to run against the resistance.

Extremely Portable

Pro Bands can be used anytime and anywhere - at home, outdoors or even on your travels.