Fitter First

Fitter1 Rotational Discs (Pair)


Fitterfirst Rotational Discs (Pair)

The Best Product for Developing Rotational Stability


The Fitterfirst Rotational Discs are a useful tool for improving rotational stability, balance and range of motion. The movement of these Rotational Discs allows one to target a variety of joints such as in the shoulder or hip.

Perform exercises in a weight-bearing manner (closed-chain), to mimic movements we do during our daily lives and in sports. Whether developing exercises for fitness, rehabilitation, dance or sports, these Rotational Discs are an excellent tool.


  • Commonly used for dance, gymnastic cross training, sports & joint rehabilitation
  • Improve rotational stability & range of motion
  • Durable birch plywood construction with smooth, friction-free rolling bearings
  • Develop balance & coordination while maximizing joint strength
  • Increase proprioception & flexibility to reduce risk of injury
  • Comes as a pair (2 units per box)