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Fitness Nutrition True PS100 Elliptical
Fitness Nutrition True PS100 Elliptical Console

True PS100 Elliptical

  • SKU: TRUE-EL-PS100
  • Vendor: TRUE
  • Product Type: Cardio
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TRUE has a history and reputation for quality and durability, and the PS100 Elliptical lives up to those standards. The TRUE PS100 Elliptical easily adapts to any fitness environment and its self-generating, so placement is never a problem. And since the PS100 is safely entered from the back, only a rear aisle is needed to access the elliptical machine. Give your facility an elliptical that can meet the demands and expectations of users at all levels.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Polar Compatible Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring

  • User-friendly LED console display

  • Molded anti-slip footpad material

  • Protective dipped foam exercise arm sleeves

Heart Rate Control

The PS100 is equipped with a digital contact heart rate monitoring system as well as a Polar wireless telemetry system to assist users in maintaining their optimum heart rate and maximizing workout results. One-touch HRC Cruise Control. is also included, which allows the user to lock in on a specific target heart rate. Once the target is set, TRUE HRC Cruise Control. will adjust speed and incline automatically throughout the duration of the workout to maintain the targeted heart rate (operates just like the Cruise Control in your car).


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