Vice Versus

Vice-Versus Black Oxide Ez Curl Bar 300lbs


The improved Vice-Versus Black Oxide EZ Curl Bar 47" and 300lbs

The Vice-Versus Olympic Curl Bar develops upper arm mass, strength and definition. This bar isolates and intensifies development of the bicep and forearm muscles while decreasing discomfort to the elbows and wrists. Our Black Oxide Bar is the most premium Ez-Curl weightlifting bar you can have. 



  • Strong Knurled Handgrips
  • Made with A3  Stainless Steel
  • Max weight is 300lbs
  • The bar itself weights 20lbs
  • 2 ball bearings (1 each side) + bronze bushings
  • Black Oxide & Heat Treated finish
  • 28mm grip
  • 2" plates (or Olympic plates) fit on this bar


Comes with:

  • Reinforced shipping box for more protection