Vice Versus

Vice-Versus Men Olympic Bar 700lbs


Vice-Versus Men Olympic Bar 700lbs

Cheap and Efficient

Maximize your strength with our Men's Olympic Bar. Made of durable #45 steel, it can handle 700lbs with ease. Knurled handgrips & 4 needle bearings & bronze bushings offer smooth lifting. At 45lbs, it's perfect for home & gym use. Upgrade your weightlifting equipment now. 



  • Strong Knurled Handgrips
  • Made with #45 Steel
  • Max weight is 700lbs
  • The bar itself weights 45lbs
  • 4 needle bearings (2 each side) + bronze bushings
  • Chrome finish
  • 28mm grip
  • 2" plates (or Olympic plates) fit on this bar


Comes with:

  • Reinforced shipping box for more protection