Vice Versus

Vice-Versus 5 Feet Olympic Bar


Vice-Versus 5 Feet Olympic Bar with 300lbs 

Looking for a versatile and durable 5 feet Olympic bar for weight training? Look no further! Our high-quality bar features a 28mm shaft diameter, 2-inch sleeve diameter, and a chrome finish for exceptional grip and rust resistance.

With a maximum weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, this bar is perfect for athletes of all levels. Its compact size is ideal for users with limited space, and it's engineered with smooth rotating sleeves and precision bearings for a consistent lift every time. Upgrade to our unique Olympic bar and take your weight training to the next level!



  • Strong Knurled Handgrips
  • Unique length of 5ft or 60" 
  • Made with #45 Steel
  • Max weight is 300lbs
  • The bar itself weights 30lbs
  • 2 ball bearings (1 each side) + bronze bushings
  • Chrome finish
  • 28mm grip
  • 2" plates (or Olympic plates) fit on this bar


Comes with:

  • Reinforced shipping box for more protection