Vice Versus

Vice-Versus Grip Lat Bar (Wide, Inside, Outside)


Vice-Versus Grip Lat Bar (Wide, Inside, Outside)

The 3 Lat bars (Wide bar, Inside and Outside bar) provide a larger and wider range of motion and a more comfortable exercise experience. Made with High quality solid steel and 100% dipping plastic encapsulation has better protection and a longer product's service life.


The Wide grip

The Wide grip lat bar works the best from a high-position pull-down movement. The arch in the bar makes the movement go deeper than all other Lat bars on the market.


The Inside grip

The Inside grip lat bar works the best for rowing exercise and most exercises that want to train the inner back (like the inner dorsa, lat and trap).


The Outside grip

The Outside grip lat bar works the best from a high position pull-down movement. The outside muscles of the back will be targeted the best.



  • Easily attach to any cable machines for gym, such as lat machine, cable machine, home gym system.
  • support the traction up to 880 lbs.
  • Easily build your back and shoulder muscles, your grips and forearms strength.
  • Easily washable
  • No odor
  • Palm support reduces stress on fingers and joints.



  • Wide bar lenght: 32.6"
  • Inside Bar lenght: 23.6"
  • Outside Bar lenght: 22.8"