Vice Versus

Vice-Versus Weight & Bar Tree


Vice-Versus Weight & Bar Tree For Olympic and Standard Weights Storage

This Top of the line heavy duty Olympic (2”) and Standard (1") Plates Storage and Lifting bars/barbells storage is extremely easy to install and is even more sturdy than most competitors due to his heavy weight. 

Bar storage solution offers 4 bar spaces, and 6 pegs for Olympic Plates and Bumper Plates

This Heavy duty solution was made to be sturdy and stable. It can fit perfectly in a home gym but also in a commercial gym. 


Weight & Bar Tree features:

  • 6 Storage Pegs (45lbs Bumper plate will fit on each peg!)
  • 4 Bar Storage spots
  • 62lbs weight for stability and sturdiness
  • Product size: 25"L x 23"W x 50"H