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XM PRO Glute Ham Developer (GHD)


XM Fitness PRO Glute Ham Developer (GHD) Machine


The XM PRO Glute Ham Developer (GHD) Machine is the ultimate piece of equipment for accessory movements. Due to the sedentary lifestyle most of the Western World leads, it’s no surprise there is a trend in glute and hamstring underdevelopment. This is due to the hips and knees staying in a flexed position for extended periods of time, causing the glutes to stay in a lengthened state and the hamstrings in a tight, flexed position. The glutes often become difficult to fire or to get to work voluntarily, while the hamstrings become so tight they are unable to fully lengthen and target at full contraction.


This is where the GHD comes in. With its adjustable design that allows the linear bearing footplate horizontally in 13 positions the unit can accommodate all shapes and sizes. Constructed from a durable steel frame that has been finished with a powder coat. With pre-molded EVA foam padding that has been upholstered in vinyl the design has been made to ensure functionality.



  • High-sliding bearing adjustment trolley
  • Triangular base for more support
  • Materials: powder coated steel frame
  • Pre-molded EVA foam padding
  • Vinyl upholstery
  • Embroidered logo on brushed steel pads and logo
  • 160lbs weight ensures stability