IronMaster Bar Dip Handle Attachment


Bar Dip Handle for Super Bench/PRO

If you’re thinking of ways to augment your existing Super Bench or Super Bench PRO, one of the add-ons you should definitely consider is the Ironmaster Bar Dip Handle. This easy-to-install attachment allows you to perform various exercises safely and comfortably for a more effective home workout.



  • Get your arms pumping with powerful bar dips or put your core to the test with knee and leg raises. By simply changing the orientation of the Bar Dip Handle, you can switch up your exercises and target a different muscle group altogether.
  • Develop your chest, shoulders and triceps by doing dips with the Bar Dip Handle.
  • Conversely, get your abdominal and leg muscles working with knee and leg raises while the Bar Dip Handle is facing towards the bench pad.
  • This handle can be installed in three height positions—50” to 52.5” from the floor—to accommodate users of varying heights.


Workout safely and comfortably

  • Execute your workouts without any worries with our sturdy Bar Dip Handle that’s rated for 350lbs. The handles have an ideal width apart and are covered with dense rubber for a comfortable stance and grip.
  • The Bar Dip Handle is a sturdy and solid piece of equipment with a weight load capacity of 350 lbs.
  • Easy-to-grip handles have a 1.5” diameter and measure 23” wide.
  • Both handles are covered with ergonomic thick rubber for a comfortable secure grip.


Assemble easily and securely

  • Everything you need to set-up this fan favorite Ironmaster product is included in your purchase. Once it’s assembled, simply plug the Bar Dip Handle into your Super Bench or Super Bench PRO according to your desired position, securely lock it in place using the pull pin and get ready to fire up your muscles.
  • Assembly of the Bar Dip Handle is simple with the four M10 screws and Allen wrench that come with the attachment.
  • Easily attach the assembled Bar Dip Handle to your Super Bench or Super Bench PRO by plugging it into the spine of the bench and locking it with the pull pin.